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What is Medical Weight Loss?

Experience the benefits of a medical weight loss program that’s designed just for you.

Medical weight loss offers proven methods for weight loss success. As a patient in one of our medical weight loss programs, you will work closely with our medical weight loss specialists to lose weight with a plan that is tailored to suit your needs.

Medical weight loss stresses the importance of doctor-patient interaction in successfully combating obesity. In order to lose weight and achieve long-term success with medical weight loss, we will need to spend some time getting to know you and your individual wants and needs, while also monitoring your progress throughout the program to ensure a proper balance of steady weight loss and continued health.

At The Center for Health & Nutrition, your medical weight loss program will focus on a meal replacement strategy using OPTIFAST® products, which provide you with a nutritionally-complete liquid diet as you lose weight. After determining an appropriate goal weight, Dr. Auriemma will recommend one of three medical weight loss programs—complete meal replacement, partial meal replacement or a calorie controlled meal plan—which will then be personalized to fit your needs by dietitian Elizabeth O’Malley.

Dr. Auriemma prescribes FDA-approved medication as needed to complement your medical weight loss program.

Change Your Life with Medical Weight Loss

For medical weight loss to be successful, you will need to make a number of lifestyle changes both during and after the program. Your relationship with The Center for Health & Nutrition will continue long after you lose weight and achieve your goal weight as you become involved in our weight maintenance program. Losing weight with one of our customized diet plans is just one part of medical weight loss. Modifying your behavior and receiving adequate support and motivation to continue with your new lifestyle are equally important factors in your medical weight loss journey.

We recognize that obesity is a chronic medical condition that may require the expertise of a variety of medical professionals. What the Center for Health and Nutrition can offer you is a well-rounded, dedicated and personalized approach that will help you lose weight and optimize your chances of long-term success.

Join the ranks of hundreds who have successfully managed their problems with obesity by working to build a healthier life with a medical weight loss program at The Center for Health & Nutrition with locations in Naperville, Westmont and Chicago, Illinois.

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