Weight Loss Programs


The Center for Health and Nutrition offers medical weight management programs individually designed to suit your lifestyle and meet your health needs and goals.

Each of the Center for Health and Nutrition weight loss programs includes medical monitoring to ensure that you are achieving the right level of weight loss to meet your goals while maintaining good nutrition and health. Most patients participating in the Center for Health and Nutrition weight loss programs use meal replacement formulas in lieu of some or all of their meals.

Your customized diet will be created for you by Elizabeth O’Malley , a registered dietitian, using OPTIFAST® liquid diet (full formula) products. OPTIFAST products have been available through medical professionals for over 30 years. OPTIFAST products are considered the gold standard for medical weight loss formulas since they provide nutritionally complete meal replacement.  If medically appropriate, Dr. Auriemma may also prescribe FDA approved medications as part of your weight loss plan.

Although our programs are created to meet your individual needs, the type of diet that Dr. Auriemma will recommend for you will generally fall into one of three categories:

OPTIFAST (Complete Meal Replacement): This style of diet is best suited to patients with 50 lbs or more to lose.

OPTITRIM (Partial Meal Replacement): This program is effective for patients with up to 25 -30 lbs to lose

Calorie Controlled Meal Plan: This program is for patients that prefer not to use a meal replacement program.

How much weight do you need to lose?

During your initial evaluation, we will make realistic recommendations about how much weight you should try to lose. When deciding on a goal weight, we will consider your current weight, how many years you have been overweight, your lowest adult weight, your health, and the suggested weight range for your height.

Many people do not know what an appropriate weight is for their height. To give you an idea, we suggest that you put your current body weight and height information into the Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator. It will give you a good idea about where you stand now with your weight.

Your BMI gives you a rough idea about the amount of body fat you are carrying and what health risks are associated with it. The higher your BMI, the more risk you have of being affected by one or more of the 41 diseases and conditions, many of them serious, that have been directly attributed to obesity.