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Use a Pedometer while Walking to Maintain Medical Weight Loss

Use a Pedometer while Walking to Maintain Medical Weight LossIt has long been assumed that initiating a walking program can help people lose weight. But does it really work? To test the association between walking and weight, researchers collected walking studies that had used pedometers to track activity but had not sought to change eating habits. Using a pedometer improved people’s awareness of their activity level and resulted in moderate weight loss, even though no dietary changes were made. The longer the duration of the program, the more weight was lost. If you are sitting on your couch contemplating effective ways to lose weight, think about introducing a pedometer based walking program.

If you are currently enrolled in a medical weight loss program, using a pedometer during your walking routine may help to increase your awareness of activity and boost weight loss success.

Many population studies have found that people who walk more tend to weigh less and vice versa. However, for people who may have been sedentary for a long time, even walking can be a challenge. The key element in the pedometer walking program is to realize that accumulated activity through the day is what counts. Walking for half an hour and sitting or lying down for the remaining 23 and a half is not as effective as multiple short walks throughout the day that push the number of steps higher as time goes by.

If you are planning to start walking here are a few simple tips.

  • Ensure that you have a good pair of walking shoes
  • Keep yourself well hydrated through the day.
  • In very hot or cold weather consider treadmill walking or mall walking to remain comfortable and avoid problems from the elements.
  • Invite friends to walk with you to make the walks more enjoyable.
  • Take every opportunity to add a few more steps to the pedometer. Walk around your house or park a little further from your destination than normal.

If you are looking for new ways to supplement your medical weight loss program, getting a pedometer and committing to a walking program is a great way to start. Your progress will be much quicker and your health will probably improve more significantly if you combine a pedometer based walking program with your medical weight loss program.

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