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A World Wide Web of Support

How to find the valuable support of social media as you lose weight.

A World Wide Web of SupportHow do you keep in touch with old friends? Just 10 years ago, your answer may have been your landline, or an email service like AOL. These days, however, many people would respond with one word: Facebook.

As social media platforms have become more integrated in our society, we’ve learned to use them in different ways. Once upon a time, Facebook was available exclusively to college students, but now just about everyone has a profile, and the service is used for far more than just socializing. Aside from targeted ads, group discussions, event planning and promotions, social media can actually be useful during your weight loss program.

An Army of Friends Keeps You Accountable

Regardless of your chosen platform (Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook), social media gives you many opportunities to interact with others online, giving you easy access to the kind of friendly support you’ll need as you lose weight. By sharing your goals and progress on social media, you give others the chance to follow and comment on your efforts, helping you stay accountable and on the right track.

When you share your triumphs, your social media followers can revel in the victory with you, sharing the motivating words of encouragement that will help you reach new heights. When you chastise yourself for a mistake or express dejection over a setback, that chorus of online voices can remind you of how far you’ve come and how important it is to never give up.

It’s natural to feel uncomfortable about sharing your weight loss aspirations with others at first, but you may quickly find yourself working harder to do your followers proud.

You can use these platforms however you see fit: there’s no right or wrong way to use social media for weight loss. However, if you crave a bit more structure, you can use tools like, which is specifically designed to help you lose weight. Available as a smartphone app, LoseIt lets you track every meal, workout and incremental step towards your progress while also helping you connect to other weight loss hopefuls.

If you consider yourself a writer or need a place to record complex thoughts that social media sites just don’t have room for, it may be worth it to start your own blog. By creating a personal blog with a free host like WordPress, you can get all the catharsis of a journal with the public nature of a social media site. You can share your blog posts through social media or keep them relatively quiet to have a personal, accessible documentation of your journey.

We’re discovering new ways to use social media to enrich our lives every day. Take advantage of this trend and use social media to your advantage as you lose weight—everyone at your bariatric center would love to get a few online updates on how you’re doing!


One Response to “A World Wide Web of Support”
  • cynthia says:

    Hello everyone , this is my 4th day on the Optifast program , so far so good , I am eating and drinking 5-6 optifast products a day + water , coffee and diet coke , 1 diet jello last night.
    Best of luck to everyone.

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